Rejection Detection

rejection-letterSo, now that I’m set up with a pretty good job (and am slinging coffee part-time) I can safely talk about this particular phenomenon. Over the past few months I applied to a plethora (do you know what it means to have a ple-thor-a?) of positions, from whom, in most cases, I heard nothing in return. Now that I am safely ensconced in the daily grind, I am hearing back from them en mass, and the replies are annoyingly disappointing. Yes, I have a job that I think I will like, but hearing (or reading, rather) that so many of those positions for which I applied found me undesirable is just plain aggravating. Most of the rejection letters don’t say anything directly about me and instead just state that the position has been filled, or other candidates were more experienced (which I completely believe and understand) but there are a few who outright said I wasn’t qualified for the job. My feminine brain (stupid emotional female brain) interprets this as, “Pffff! You aren’t good enough for us! Why did you even apply??!!” ….The thing that really sucks about having estrogen is that even if the rejection comes from something us women don’t want, we are hurt and suddenly indignant! Yes, to be honest, I was rejected from some jobs that I didn’t really want in the first place, but I’m still mad at them for not wanting to hire me.

And what’s even worse is that once rejection rears its ugly head, I flash back on past rejections. In this case, I’m speaking of being rejected by people. However, like the subject above, I am speaking of being rejected by people for whom my feelings weren’t particularly strong (actually, I kind of wanted to break up with them in the first place. No, really!). Do men have this problem? Like when you’re dating someone and they break up with you…and you’re immediately relieved, but then you’re mad that they broke up with you!!!!

So, now I’m mad not only at jobs I didn’t want, but at people I didn’t want! Do I know this is stupid? Yes. Yes I do. Ladies, I know you know what I mean. Men, if you don’t experience or understand this feeling, we can at least shake our heads together and think,”Bitches be trippin’ “.