Supergirl with a Salary

Wonder Woman, Working Woman

That’s right, people. My cape is in the mail, and my first paycheck is on the way! Did my super professional nail polish make a difference? I hope not, cause I don’t plan on wearing it again anytime soon…not unless some glitter is involved. Nope, upon my first interview, I was told multiple times how impressive my resume was (talk about a much-needed confidence boost)! My second interview did nothing but cement my certainty of an upcoming job offer, and slowly my cloud of depression was lifting. Unfortunately, the offer was delayed for another two weeks due to some bureaucratic problems, and just as I was starting to look up the location of soup kitchens, I got a call from a coffee joint (I love me some coffee) and went in the next day for an interview. It went marvelously, and 30 minutes later a second interview had been scheduled and I had already filled out some paperwork. But the good news didn’t stop there! I got a call that very day about the job I didn’t think I would get due to a 90 day company wide hiring freeze. Not only were they able to free up that position, but it was immediately offered to me! Woo-hoo! I officially had a full-time, salaried position with benefits…and still a second interview for a coffee joint. I called to check if they could work around my new schedule, and when they said they would “for the right person”, I confidently went in. Since my interviewer looked to be a bit of a nerd (I mean this in the most awesomest way possible) I slipped in a Dr. Who reference, and with that I was hired! So, I am now a full-time Volunteer Service Coordinator, and a part-time coffee-house barista (I figured a second job, especially one involving coffee, could help pay off my student loans…of which I have many). After completing my first full week in the working world, I’m still getting adjusted to the new early hours, new co-workers, and a daily commute. So far, it’s been uneventful enough (except for the universe promptly punishing my run of good fortune with a car accident, though no one was hurt) but I have yet to start my coffee gig, so that will change up my routine yet again. In addition to all of that, I will soon be moving in with a new roommate who is just as awesome as me, and together we are resolved to be more socially (and physically) active!

Now, on the road to adulthood, I can envision my goals becoming realities. The other day I even found my mind wandering to the prospect of children (I have no idea where that came from, as I am currently not seeing anyone, nor will I probably have the time with 2 jobs), and though surprising, it was a nice idea….for the distant future. I’m hoping to get in touch with old friends, continue to make new ones, and have amazing experiences whenever I have the time. With a family and children not yet in the mix (or even in view) I am looking forward to the new adventures to come! This SuperGirl with a salary is off, off, and away!


Professionally Nailed

photo stolen from

photo stolen from

I’ve been unemployed for a while now. And after roughly 80 applications, I’m really hoping that this awesome (it’s hasn’t been awesome at all, don’t for one second think that I like being a bum) “vacation” will be coming to an end very soon. So, in the spirit of ‘dressing for the job I want and not the job I have’, I have removed my totally awesome metallic orange nail polish for something less flashy (i.e. something not at all fun or sexy). In an interview, one mustn’t be flashy, artistic, or creative. One must put all the focus on themselves and their qualifications; the only thing that should be shining is your personality! Therefore one’s wardrobe, accessories, and makeup need to be as freaking boring as possible (unless you’re interviewing for some kind of artistic, hippie, cool ass job). Normally, I sport a very sexy red color on my nails, cause…I’m one foxy lady, but I dug in my bag of random Christmas gifts and found a bottle of Avon Cotton Candy pink nail polish shown above. Now, to be clear, the above picture is not of my hand. I keep my nails hella short, also I have a weird skin tone and petite hands which aren’t nearly as perfect as the above picture, so this color just isn’t for me. Furthermore, I absolutely hate pastels and light pinks and I now feel like a PTO member, mother of 3, who just made jello in an Easter egg mold to bring for the class snack. (No offense to people who like pink, the PTO, mothers of 3, jello, Easter, or class snacks) Ugh! I just don’t like this color at all! I really want to get this job though, so I’m hoping to trick the Universe by looking super professional. After all, one doesn’t go to an interview wearing jeans, a top, a ponytail hairdo, and circus make-up! No, one must be in a suit, professional pumps, slick hair, and natural colors all around (yeah, this pastel pink nail polish is natural as all get out, let me tell you). Only after you get the job can you start to relax the dress code and sneak in the fun stuff. I can’t wait to be on a payroll so I can rock some fiesta red nail polish, dark plum eye shadow, and some patterned tights with a pencil skirt! Until then…this Vagabond is professionally nailed.

I Love Blonde Joke(r)s!

Hopefully, they won't get mad that I took this off of one of their pages...

Hopefully, they won’t get mad that I took this off of one of their pages…

So, life is hard; in fact, sometimes it really sucks. There are moments when you feel like there’s no one there for you, and that you have the worst luck cause, well, crappy stuff just keeps happening. In those moments, it’s easy to feel completely alone, and just let yourself sink into a pit of sadness that will be that much harder to escape. In those moments, I turn to people who put things in perspective, and lasso me into laughter with a rope full of puns, sarcasm, and ridiculousness. And what’s even better, these ladies can get their drink on (which is really fun for me to watch cause I need to get out more)! In case it isn’t obvious, I’m referring to the lovely and hilarious (pictured above from left to right) Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Jenna ‘Marbles’ Mourey.

Whenever I’m feeling especially down, I go on a youtube binge and spend an hour or more watching these ladies, and laughing myself out of my funk. Sadly, I’ve had to employ that technique much more often of late; luckily I just started watching Daily Grace, so I have plenty of fodder for the laughter fire. Like Jenna Marbles, I start my days by holding my degrees and sobbing, then I move on to a large mug of coffee (one must have their priorities after all) while I scour the job boards for employment listings. Ahhh, living the dream…

I actually discovered these comedic souls in reverse order from above. A classmate suggested I look up Jenna Marbles after she caught on to the fact that I sing-narrate what I do sometimes, or make up songs to express my joy about the simple things in life (ahhhh, I love my “Purple Chucks” song….it’s about how I love my purple chucks). So between classes, or while taking a break from a 8 page Spanish research paper, I would watch some Jenna Marbles hilarity. It gave me the time to completely move my mind to a different space, take some deep breaths, and relax before moving on to a French research paper and going to my full-time job (in case you’re wondering, I slept very little, lost lots of hair, and got a B on almost everything cause I didn’t have the time to get A’s). How does one describe Jenna Marbles? Hmmm, awesomeness in the form of a rainbow, radiating from a unicorn’s bottom! Now, let’s move on to Hannah Hart. Bye Spiderman!

Jenna Marbles actually was the one who introduced me to the world of intoxicated cooking. JM did a parody of My Drunk Kitchen, which led me to watching the MDK videos for comparison. Thank goodness I did! Hannah Hart, is a wonderful, talented, adorably sexy young woman with a big heart (so, I have a crush on her…so what..jeez). Apparently, MDK started with Hannah making a video for a friend…and the rest was intoxicated history. Hannah got me through my post graduate slump while I was a private tutor/teacher and slowly began to realize that A: What I thought I wanted to do probably wouldn’t happen, and B:What I discovered I wanted to do might be harder than I thought. I just feel like we have a lot in common since we’re both totally cute, learned other languages, and like helping people, plus she likes Dr. Who!! Boop Boop!

In completing the cycle, Hannah introduced me to Grace seeing as how she’s a frequent guest on MDK, and I finally decided to check her out. She seems to be the only one of the three who actually went into comedy and online videos as a profession instead of a happy accident. Basically, Grace utilizes sarcasm, impressions, and faces to make any activity a laughter inducing ray of sunshine in the cloudy sky of my day (yup, feeling like a failure is totally awesome). She seems like a pretty special lady, and luckily I have another year’s worth of videos to get me through what are hopefully my last days of unemployment. From me, she gets 4 Vagabond faces (she’d get 5 if she introduced me to Hannah).

Anywhoo, these ladies have helped me make it through crashed dreams, unemployment, and failed relationships. Thanks to all of you for the laughs, and support (even though we aren’t friends in real life and you have no idea who I am). These three ladies are definitely vagabonds at heart, and we are quite possibly kindred spirits. So, you all should go and check them out if you haven’t already! I made it easy; just click on their names above to view some of my favorite videos!

P.S. I would now be talking about Natalie Tran, who posts videos as Community Channel (she was my first YouTube discovery/addiction), but over the last year she fell off the scene without warning…and she’s not blonde. Where is she? No one knows…doesn’t that sound mysterious??!

When I Grow Up…

Grown UpAt which point does a person become an adult? I’m not speaking legally…because god knows 18-year-olds don’t know much about life, and the same goes for the famed legal drinking age of 21. Do you all remember when you were that age? Looking back, would you consider your younger self to be an adult? Most definitely not. But age alone doesn’t make one grown up. I’ve encountered many adults who didn’t exactly have their stuff together. And I’ve heard a 35-year-old man use the phrase “When I grow up.” What about parenthood? No, having children doesn’t make one an adult; I think we can all agree on that. After all, biology alone doesn’t determine adulthood.

Is the definition of “grown up” different for every person? Is adulthood a personal status that is achieved at a different time for everyone? Do we have to fall in love, have our hearts broken, be fired from a job, find a job we really love, question all major life decisions, find our soul mate, buy a car or a house? Is adulthood reached when one feels complete?

I’ve been fired from a job I thought I would love, I’ve moved across the country, I’ve had feelings for someone only to be disappointed, I’ve graduated from college, I bought a car, I’ve gone out on dates, and I’m currently questioning all previous life decisions. Does that make me grown up?

Do I know what I want to do when I grow up? Why yes I do. In addition to other things, I know I want adventure. Oh, but adventure can mean something different to every person as well. Of course, I know that as one grows older, gains more life experience, and perhaps considers another person in their plans, one’s desires can change. Do I think I’m grown up yet? I guess not. It’s not as though I don’t feel complete. I like and accept who I am (though I wish others could as well), and my happiness doesn’t depend on another person…but I guess I’m just not quite there yet. I still say “When I grow up”, and I really mean it. Perhaps there are different phases in life, and I’m on the verge of entering a new one.

Unfortunately, societal pressures play far too large a role in the decisions that most people make. It’s as though there are so many things I want to do right now, but I feel as though I have to be more responsible. Ugh, stupid social mores and expectations!! Why do they have to be so ingrained into us? …And why am I not strong enough to truly go against them? I guess there’s only so brave and strong a person can be, and maybe I’m just tapped out for the moment…

You know, being grown up is overrated. I’ll just stick to being a vagabond.

They Showed Us the World…

Disney's GlobeLately, everyone seems to be doing things the Disney way, from weddings to photo sessions, to …blog posts. So, I thought I would jump on the Disney train and write my own take on things.

Fictitious or legend, fairytale or history, Disney continues to take us across the globe, and show us new worlds complete with new adventures. As one generation reaches adulthood (usually accompanied with a Disney princess wedding), another generation of Disney fans is born. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Disney presents a completely accurate representation of various cultures, ethnicities, and countries, but it at least provides a glimpse at something most children will never get to experience.

  • Mulan took us to China.
  • Aladdin transported us to Arabia.
  • Brave allowed us to view the red-head producing land of Scotland.
  • The Jungle Book showed us the jungles of India.
  • Winnie the Pooh introduced us to the imagination of a young boy.
  • Finding Nemo presented the ocean to us in a way that Cousteau never could.
  • Anastasia let Russia shine.
  • The Lion King let us roam the wilds of Africa.
  • WALLE showed us a (very probable) future.
  • Peter Pan lifted us to the second star on the right
  • The Rescuers Down Under flew us to (where else) Australia.
  • Alice in Wonderland guided us through the looking glass.

Disney has its own globe, and they’ve taken us across it! Whether right or wrong, lives have been impacted in some way by many of these animated adventures (not to leave behind the many wonderful non-animated movies Disney has provided), and I for one enjoy the occasional Disney marathon. So, if you don’t have the resources to expose your children (or yourself) to different worlds, you can always watch your favorite Disney film for family night! Ya know…I have a feeling Walt Disney was most definitely a vagabond!