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From 9 Months to 9 Seconds

Baby FacesAllow me to introduce you to (from upper left to bottom right) the twins, Madeline and Bryce, then Evan, and Alice. These are my children. My morph children. You see, my subconscious has been whispering baby things in my ear. I, of course, think that this is very rude, very rude indeed! How dare my subconscious be thinking about things that my conscience isn’t ready to think about. But like anything else, when something is on your mind enough you have to do something about it! What did I do? Well, I made my own babies! And let me tell you, it was as easy as pie, not at all messy, and only took about 9 seconds. None of that nine months business for me! No sir!

By that, I mean that I used one of the ‘What will my baby look like’ websites to see what my children might look like if I had them with a certain person. Of course, this is something that stalkers and crazy women do…but I’m not either of those! I promise, I swear! I did have to use a crappy photo of the person to “make my babies” but honestly, I think the whole thing is a fake out. I looked at a few other websites, and they all use the same basic baby faces. The only thing I can see that might be different about “my babies” is their nose…which would belong to that other person except for maybe two of them.I think Evan and Alice have my freaking adorable nose (What?! I like my nose, okay! I’m confident in the cuteness level of my schnoz.) Actually, all of their noses are cute! (Do I have a nose fetish? Hmm) The way it works is that you upload a picture of yourself, then you can upload a picture of your partner or choose from celebrity photos and the software supposedly combines your features into the most common baby (who actually looks like a 2 year old). Oh well. They’re pretty cute little suckers, aren’t they! Strangely, even though this is something crazy stalker ladies do, it actually quieted the baby whispers in my head, and hopefully my mother’s as well. (though she’s not doing bad on that front lately) Yes, now those whispers have quieted and I’m thinking on other things now. Or, back to thinking about other things I should say. And these babies are just the best! They don’t cry, or make messes, or generally get in the way. They are there when I want them, and gone when I don’t. Yes, these morph babies will do me just fine…for now.

If you want to morph your own babes, visit This one will give you somewhat real looking photos while others are just goofs and are actual combinations of the two photos.

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