The Pandor(ic)a Will Open…

5073113960_9b7d65e32e_zand dancing will ensue.

So, my last post was such a downer, wasn’t it. However, things are looking up. I’ve got a lovely, fabulous bed! I got a Firefly shirt! I’m being super crafty (soon to be written about in borish detail). And I’m having nice moments at work (both of them). All in all, I am happier then I was before, which is a good thing. However, as some annoying professors always told me, there is always room for improvement.

I am on my way, which is nice. I still ponder (and often) those same questions from the last post, but I’m more satisfied with where I am now. That being said, I still get pretty blue sometimes. This, I think, comes from the fatigue more than anything. But when that happens, I’ve taken to dancing. I turn on Pandora, create a Harry Belafonte station, and I just dance. I did that a lot this past weekend. It made all the difference, I can tell , you especially when I realized that the blinds were still open after dark, and I was dancing away when the neighbor directly opposite the windows walked into his room and just stood at the windows for a moment. I took a split second to think “Well, crap. I probably look really silly”, then I stopped caring and continued dancing. Between dancing, and singing, I think I can get by. And now that I have a wonderful bed (and, I discovered, an awesome credit score), in addition to some furniture, and curtains (though I didn’t put them in front of the window, and instead hung them behind the tv in my room to brighten things up), and some home-made crafty touches in my room I feel like I’m working towards something! I’m not sure what, but apparently my subconscious thinks I’m working towards a relationship. Why does my stupid  brain have to dwell on people from the past, people who I am supposed to have forgotten? Oh well, I can’t control the dreams I have. But, I can try to control my moods while improving my dance moves! So, go ahead and open that Pandor(ic)a! Anything but silence will fall! It’ll probably just be me falling from trying to pull off vagabond dance moves!

(If you got the references in there, you get a gold star!)


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