They Showed Us the World…

Disney's GlobeLately, everyone seems to be doing things the Disney way, from weddings to photo sessions, to …blog posts. So, I thought I would jump on the Disney train and write my own take on things.

Fictitious or legend, fairytale or history, Disney continues to take us across the globe, and show us new worlds complete with new adventures. As one generation reaches adulthood (usually accompanied with a Disney princess wedding), another generation of Disney fans is born. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Disney presents a completely accurate representation of various cultures, ethnicities, and countries, but it at least provides a glimpse at something most children will never get to experience.

  • Mulan took us to China.
  • Aladdin transported us to Arabia.
  • Brave allowed us to view the red-head producing land of Scotland.
  • The Jungle Book showed us the jungles of India.
  • Winnie the Pooh introduced us to the imagination of a young boy.
  • Finding Nemo presented the ocean to us in a way that Cousteau never could.
  • Anastasia let Russia shine.
  • The Lion King let us roam the wilds of Africa.
  • WALLE showed us a (very probable) future.
  • Peter Pan lifted us to the second star on the right
  • The Rescuers Down Under flew us to (where else) Australia.
  • Alice in Wonderland guided us through the looking glass.

Disney has its own globe, and they’ve taken us across it! Whether right or wrong, lives have been impacted in some way by many of these animated adventures (not to leave behind the many wonderful non-animated movies Disney has provided), and I for one enjoy the occasional Disney marathon. So, if you don’t have the resources to expose your children (or yourself) to different worlds, you can always watch your favorite Disney film for family night! Ya know…I have a feeling Walt Disney was most definitely a vagabond!


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