The Pretties of Two Cities

From arch to shining arch, these are the views of Reno, NV and St. Louis, MO. Yes, I discovered during my short time in Reno that they call the Reno sign “The Arch” which I got a good laugh at! To be honest, Reno was just too small for me…and too dry! And though I don’t want to be in St. Louis for the rest of my life, I appreciate the diversity of its many neighborhoods. One can always find the right atmosphere for any occasion, be it a casual first date, coffee with friends, or a dressy business party. Though I enjoyed all the hikes and forays into nature I took in NV, I was able to take a deep breath once I walked the sidewalks of St. Louis. From the many large and interesting parks, to the eclectic architecture, and the diversity of its people, St. Louis has something to offer everyone!