Painted and Petrified

The last natural attraction I visited was the Petrified Forest coupled with the Painted Desert. After the grandeur of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, and the beauty of the trees in Kings Canyon, it felt like a bit of a let down. However, it was on the way, and an easy drive through the park to connect back with the highway. I was under the impression that the place would be absolutely covered with petrified trees, but alas, there was only one small clump. Apparently, when the natural beauty of the park was discovered people began flocking there and taking pieces of it with them. This all began in earnest when Route 66 was finished, and people started blowing the trees apart to get to the beautiful gems inside. I was quite saddened to learn all of this. It’s not as though I make a serious effort to “stand in the way of progress”, but the rate at which humans are tearing apart the planet and converting forest into skyscrapers is sickening.
Sorry. I’m stepping down from my soapbox now. As the price of admission is only $10, it’s worth a look-see if you’re in the area. Happy travels, and enjoy the photos!


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