YO! semite

So, I’ve never been camping in cold weather before, and I was completely unprepared for a few things. My number one enemy: condensation. See, when sleeping in a tent, and it’s near freezing outside, inside you’re constantly expelling warm air (not to mention body heat), thus, a recipe for condensation. The thing that makes it so annoying is that if you have a small tent, and your stuff is touching the sides, everything is soaked by morning…not to mention those awesome freezing droplets that rain down on you whenever you hit the sides hard enough. Free shower!!!! Also, trying to set up a tent with numb fingers…or having your food get frosty on you, none of that is fun. The only good thing about the cold was that when I busted my lip, and cut my fingers, the blood flow stopped fairly quickly. When all was said and done, being at Yosemite was the least fun. First of all, I was at Campground 4, known as the rock climbers’ campground. Now, while I appreciated the low price of camping, let me just say that rock climbers aren’t the friendliest people, not when they’re with a big bunch of their friends…and you’re not a rock climber yourself. Nope, only on the morning that I was leaving did people actually talk to me, and then it wasn’t as though we became best buds. The second thing was that if you aren’t rock climbing, or you’re not willing to spend a bunch of money, it’s kind of boring. I rode my bike all around (got a sore booty in the process) and took tons of pictures. Other than that…I was ready to go. However, I most definitely appreciated my re-introduction to Lover Nature, and I saw some beautiful things. This was the first (and coldest) stop, so the adventure continued!


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