The Highway is My Home

This is for you, Mom. It’s hard to have a Vagabond for a daughter.
Some of my best and earliest memories took place on the highway. My father seemed to have itchy feet like I do, and so we moved a great many times and took numerous road trips besides. Something about traveling down a highway, taking a trip, makes me feel at home. I remember that my father once packed us into the car, and drove to another state…just for the heck of it. Even my mother and I have taken a number of road trips together. We would pull out the well used Road Atlas and randomly pick a spot. After stopping by the store for some snacks (and my Mom would sometimes let me buy a book) we’d hit the road on our adventure. Something about being in a car, heading down a highway, it changes things. My mother and I would have the best talks (only to be rivaled by our coffee/tea time talks). We’d chat about anything and everything, from serious to inane. Even my sister and I seem to get along better when we’re in a car. These highway memories really are my best and happiest memories.
Yet again, I’m about to travel down that beloved highway. I must say that it is somewhat freeing, not having a schedule which must be followed absolutely, and also making this journey quite alone. Yes, if I hit some road blocks it will be completely left to me to deal with, but I also don’t have another person to consider (or become annoyed with). As my car is loaded with all of my belongings, and I’ve planned to see some great sights between Reno and St. Louis, I’ve had a realization. It’s never the destination that is important, it is the journey. I know that it sounds a bit cliché (in fact, you might have heard it on karate movie), but it really is true. I’m excited and anxious to begin my adventure, to see what I discover about myself. I don’t pretend to be a great philosopher, but as I tend to avoid a great deal of things (including my own emotions), I mean to use this journey to reflect a bit and finally face things about the world, my future, and myself. 
Well, enough of that babble. In this case, the journey itself should be quite fantastic, a genuine adventure. I will most certainly be sharing stories, lessons learned, and a great deal of pictures. Alas, my dear readers, you will have to wait until I hit spots of civilization (which probably means a Starbucks) for more Vagabond thoughts and photos. I plan to visit the following places (in this order) during the next week or more; no swanky places for me, I will be “roughing it” with a tent and sleeping bag, and hopefully only seeing bears from afar.
1. Yosemite National Park   
2. Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Park
3. Valley of Fire State Park
4. Grand Canyon National Park 
5. Grand Canyon International Hostel in Flagstaff  (apparently its a pain to camp in the Grand Canyon, nor in the Petrified Forest, so I had to find some accommodation)
6. Petrified Forest National Park
7.  Route 66 Hostel in Albuquerque (I might actually bike around the town, as I’ve been told it’s pretty cool, and the hostel is near the old town portion)

2 thoughts on “The Highway is My Home

  1. May you sleep on smooth ,flat surfaces . I sleep in an RV now but my early years of traveling often had a tent to pitch at the end of a days travels. My body demanded the upgrade in my gear. Enjoy the moments ahead . Remember to laugh .

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