Just Curious (That’s What She Said)

Dear Universe,

Why do people tend to run down the middle of the street in movies? Why do I do stupid things like stay up 3 more hours after I realized I was tired? Why do I love coffee so much? Who decided that making brushes out of boar bristles was a good idea? Aren’t the bristles plucked out of their butts? …That’s kinda icky. Why are there so many zombie movies? And why are they inexplicably filled with sexy strapped kick-ass ladies? Not that I’m complaining (too much) but you’d think there’d be a limit. Why do most LGBT films suck so hard? (Heh-heh-heh) What determines peoples’ taste in music? Why is Indian food so awesome? Why does anyone even read this blog? Why do some songs/ music/performances make me want to cry with happiness/sadness/awe? Why do Americans have closets and everyone else has wardrobes? How can dolls/clowns be so freaky? Is this a result of Chucky and IT? Are 90’s babies not freaked out like the 80’s babies are? Why do I love trees so much? Did you guys know they made more Paranormal Activity movies? When did that happen?? Why do I still have such a crush on Tom Selleck? Is it the mustache? Or cause I like older men? (Not a Daddy thing, I promise) Why can’t I have super powers? Does being moderately flexible count? Is the ocean blue because it reflects the sky or is the sky blue because it reflects the ocean? Is making a post entirely out of questions lazy? Why do I not like chocolates, but I love fancy chocolate covered cookies? How can people be so mean? How can people be so stupid? Do humans only have potential for great hate because they have potential for great love? Was that really deep? Why do I get so much comfort out of resting my head on someone’s lap? Will I find that someone to be my forever lap? Why is autumn my favorite season? Why do I like crayons? Does anyone else besides me remember Lite Brites? Weren’t they awesome? 
Get back to me when you can.

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