Vagabond Volunteer

How are you my little lovely Vagabond readers? I’ll be honest with you, things have gotten tough here in Sand Land. I will be writing more details soon, but I was “let go” from the program that I worked for and am in search of a new one to retain my VISTA status. Whilst looking for a new and improved non-profit to love me, I’ve been spending a lot of time volunteering. It has actually made my quality of life so much better! I can proudly say that thanks to volunteering I have lovely new friends that appreciate my quirkiness as well as a possible job opportunity should I be destined to leave the VISTA title behind (plus, I got to make a fabulous wind sock today!). Also, I have continued teaching my student from my last program. Today, we went over the sounds that letters make as he was able to read very simple words, but only with much help. I finally noticed that he kept pronouncing the letters by their names instead of the sounds they make. At the end of the lesson, I had him write out “My name is Noe”. When he put down the pen he looked up at me and smiling said, “Oh my God!”. This is a 50-year-old Hispanic man who was never allowed to go to school, and has minimal English skills. He said I was so patient and he thanked Jesus for sending me to him. I had already told him that I was no longer employed with the program through which I became his teacher, but I said that I would keep coming for our lessons as long as he wanted me to. Now, knowing that I don’t HAVE to, he especially thanks me at every class, and he asked God to watch over me. While I’m not a particularly religious person, I took the blessing with the intent it was given. (And it was really gratifying to hear him use some curse words while speaking about my former boss…in Spanish, course)

I know this sounds like a love letter to myself, but what I wanted to point out was that by doing things I don’t HAVE to do, my heart has been touched, and I’ve made new wonderful friends. More than once, I went to teach Noe not really “in the mood”, and I always leave feeling uplifted and happy. Through volunteering at a children’s museum, I’ve met people I enjoy being around and that enjoy being around me. Also, I get to have fun with kids without having to really “take care” of them. As a former nanny and daycare worker…I eventually developed a dislike of children, but now I’m back to having fun with them…and dare I say it….actually thinking it possible to have one of my own. (Don’t tell my Mom…or the baby talk will never stop!)

The point of this blog, dear readers, is to inspire you to get out into your community and become involved. You never know how it will change your life, or how you will change the lives of others. Go forth and all the Vagabond you can be!


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