The Story of Strasbourg~Food and Pretties

Okay, I’m sure some of you Vagabond Readers…all four of you…are getting tired of these posts full of fabulous photos! So, I will try to make this my last one about Strasbourg. This one will contain pictures of food and other pretty things, like houses. By the way, what is it about pictures of food items? Is this a craze? When I see pictures of food I’m simultaneously annoyed and intrigued.This was a seriously delicious…..something or other. I can’t remember what it was, but I remember that I also ordered an onion tart…which this is not. No matter; they were both amazing! My view whilst eating the above deliciousness. And this is the pretty restaurant where we ate! It was my first official (meaning not a coffee or sandwich) restaurant experience in Strasbourg. I just love this photo! And yes, I did actually see women scrubbing their front stoop!Oh, what? Yes, Rapunzel lives here. At the pastry and bread shop, Au Pain de Mon Grand Pere.Spaetzle with sauerkraut and lardons.The interior of my favorite coffee hang out! This was the one and only occasion during which I sat inside to sip my cappuccino. The most beautifulest avenue in Strasbourg!Inside the Council of Europe….though I have no idea what the fake-vine decor is about. Or were they real vines??I just love the sight of this. This window is in something between and alley and a courtyard…but there is still greenery! I love it!A Bretzel anyone? Yes. the “B” is intentional!And I leave you with a photo of our last meal in Strasbourg comprised of traditional Strasbourgian food!


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