The Story of Strasbourg~Canals (water makes everything better)

So, you guessed it! In this episode of The Story pf Strasbourg I will be posting many photos featuring canals and water! Maybe it’s just me, but water makes everything better. Even though I was in Strasbourg during the summer, in a building with no air conditioning and no fan, it never got too hot thanks to the canal that circles the city. Also, kind of like the arch in St. Louis or the mountains near Reno, the canal acted as a point of reference. Whenever I became lost or turned around, I just had to find the canal. I spent hours crossing every bridge, seeing the city from every angle….and the best always involved the cathedral (see that post here) or the canal. I hope one day I get to visit Venice. Can you imagine the photo opportunities there?! Yes, I am quite addicted with water. But I grew up next to the Gulf! What did you expect? Yeah, I’m a water baby (that’s what my Mom calls me).How can you help but love this photo! Not only does it feature beautiful and quaint buildings, but they are situated on the gorgeous canal!I believe this was a botanical garden, or something to that effect. Here is a combination of two things I love: water, and plants that reside in water! I have quite the affinity for Weeping Willows, Lily Pads, and Water Lilies (actually, I like any type of lily). Is this a beautiful photo? Yes. Yes it is. Could it get more picturesque? No. We have cottages, we have water, we have a stone bridge. Period. And here we have the pedestrian bridge linking France and Germany! Imagine….bridging the distance between two countries! Do ya get it? Do ya get it??!!
And here I leave you, dear vagabond readers, until the next installment of The Story of Strasbourg…duh duh DUH!!!!!! 🙂



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