The Story of Strasbourg~Cathedrals

Some years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to go to Strasbourg, France for the summer with a small group from my university to study French for the summer. I took the good with the bad, and ended up with an experience that I look back on quite fondly. Rather than give you accounts of my more personal stories (cause after all, you don’t care), I will simply share some amazing (or at least I think so) photos, and some observations.

To being, pretty much all the cathedrals/churches in Europe are amazingly beautiful, and they are probably all older than America. This pretty much enchants me because I have a fascination for all things ancient.

The cathedral is in the center of town (or old town as they call it) and surrounded by a plaza that after 6pm was a pedestrian only zone. It is right of the street from my favorite Belgian pub where I had some amazing beers, so I walked past it quite often. This, of course, led to many photo opportunities.

This is not photo shopped by the way. I was lucky enough to be there during a special celebration during which the cathedral was lit up, and there was a light-show.

A couple of these churches are from villages around Strasbourg. I have many more pictures and stories to come, so stay tuned!

**I don’t mind if you use my photos, but please don’t claim them as your own.


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