Snaps for a Vagabond

*the girl with the blog suggested I make a list of accomplishments (no matter how stupid or mundane) from the past year, and I am wholeheartedly embracing that suggestion! Read her post (and her reply that inspired this post) here.

**This post is not really about travel, or AmeriCorps, but I need to put this out there for myself. I encourage all of you, despite your age or situation, to do the same. As you read the post, click on the blue words. Read it all through once, then go back and click on the links as they appear. I wanted to enhance your reading experience, and it took a while to do, so CLICK! 😉

In about 4 more months I will be turning 28. For the past couple of years, I have been at constant battle with myself, and with what I thought society expected me to have completed by a certain age. This blog is an attempt at sharing the things, no matter how stupid, that made me proud of myself, and that I have accomplished since turning 27. I may not be where I thought I would be by 28, but I’ve still done some pretty noteworthy things. The following list is in chronological order.

  1. Dyed my hair a startling shade of red (read: orange) that ended up working out pretty well. (This is interesting, and this is funny!)
  2. Graduated with a BA in French and a BA in Spanish. 
  3. Gave private lessons, and became a private tutor for both languages. (Learn Spanish here)
  4. Applied, and was accepted for a position with a non-profit as an AmeriCorps VISTA.
  5. Made a pass at someone that I would have never had the courage to openly do before.
  6. Bought a new (used) car, and completed the haggling and transaction by myself (if you don’t count the inspection by my trusty mechanic). 
  7. Faced walking away from someone that will most likely never want me the way I want them…or wanted them…it’s complicated. (I feel like this this, but I hope to feel like this.)
  8. (With the help of a friend) Moved from St. Louis to Reno (over 1800 miles) for the position as a VISTA. It was kinda like this.
  9. Went to a 1930’s themed fundraiser in full costume…including a wig! Soundtrack here.
  10. Started writing a blog.
  11. Started riding my bike on a regular basis.
  12. Climbed a tree. (What I probably looked like.)
  13. Climbed a mountain (a little one, but a mountain none the less). soundtrack
  14. Dyed my hair closer to my natural color, and was very happy with the result!
  15. Began the application process for the Peace Corps (though today I discovered that a non-fatal/serious medical condition might keep me from joining). What I almost did.

I still have a few months till I turn 28! What else can I do?! Whatever happens, this has already been quite a year. And even though sometimes I feel as though I haven’t done enough in my almost 28 years on this planet, I think many people would agree that that isn’t true. Thanks the girl with the blog for encouraging me to make this list! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Snaps for a Vagabond

  1. I WISH this was MY list! Much more impressive lol. You should be seriously proud of yourself!

    I have a hard time because I wanted to be married and have kids and a career etc. But I tried the whole married thing (you can read more about that fiasco if you want) and it didn’t work out, which made me SO thankful I didn’t have kids!

    I know I’m a little younger than you but I think we all have expectations of ourselves and what we will be based on preconceived notions of what life is before we start living it. The difference to me though is that you are ACTUALLY living life and not just waiting around for it to happen to you. I seriously find all of your accomplishments staggering and very inspiring 🙂

    • Thanks! No really, THANKS! I was not feeling the best yesterday (with the whole Peace Corps thing and all) and I actually had a ton of fun making this list. Like you, I want kids and marriage, but I guess I’m just battling myself as to when I want them. Thanks again, and the best of luck to you. ❤

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