The American Mentality

** The pic was taken from another blog, but the words are all mine baby!


It seems to me that people are always on the search for more. More this, more that, but most of all, more money (I know all the English teachers are cringing at my use of grammar…or lack thereof). Americans are always on the go, just amassing money, clothes, jewelry, shoes, and vacation days that they never use. So how exactly do all of those material items enrich their lives? Well, if the person is an actual materialist and all of those things really fill their lives with utter and complete joy, then the simple possession of said items does enrich that person’s life. Honestly though, how often is that really the case. Many times people simply buy things because other people do, and they think that possession is the key to having a full life. But, since I write this blog, the only opinion that matters in the Vagabond’s (I’m just playing it up, I’m really not that self-involved). Life experiences and enriching encounters are the key factors, and not material possessions. Now I know a lot of people out there are assuming I mean world travel, and are thinking, “Well, ya gots to have money to travel! Duh!”. While travel (whether it’s within your own city, state, or country) is important, it isn’t necessary to have different experiences and meet different people. Even though my encounters with people outside of my own social set, or ethnicity have sometimes been awkward, difficult, …sometimes scary, I walk away with a different world view (I know it’s sounds really deep and pretentious, but it’s true). Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, money. My ESL students have far less than I do, and while I know they aren’t walking around with grins on their faces all the time, they are truly happy (at least I hope). So wake up people! Take a stinkin’ vacation! If you go to another country, then take the time to experience it and don’t just hang out in the hotel filled with people just like you! Don’t worry about buying things to show that you went to a different place, because the stories, experiences, and hopefully friends that you will make will last you far longer than a snowglobe.


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